Science or/and Faith

Science XOR Faith

"While most Americans may say they believe in creationism rather than evolution, on issues that directly affect their own lives, like health and protection of the quality of life, science wins."
- From International Herald Tribune

As the debate rages in Florida courts and homes around the country - I wonder in which direction are we moving? While Science seems to be relentlessly moving in one direction in the search for bigger, better and faster; Religion on the other hand is providing a pull in the other direction. It is questioning the very basis of progress and the assumption that 'all scientific progress is forward progress'. Religion rests on centuries-old articles of faith laid down by 'self-realised' souls while science relies on a self-correcting mechanism. Will Science converge onto what Religion already knew (with more data of course!) or it will always be an 'XOR- exclusive OR' condition?

It is quite amazing that human mind can hold the most contradictory beliefs and still function quite normally. The human being is the biggest counterexample to any singular theory of EITHER-OR. It might give Ayn Rand a roll in the grave but we are not very logical animals anyway. It is one of the reasons why we have made so much progress and 'In Duality We Exist'!

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