Pi Day

3.14 Day
Today is Pi Day, to be celebrated at 1:59 pm and 26 seconds, Value of Pi

(Note:the Pi approximation day was celebrated on July 22nd)

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Josh Cummings said...

If it is just for one second, how do you go about celebrating? I heard that somewhere in California they have a Festival of sorts on Pi Day.

Anyway, I thought I'd comment for those looking for good ways to be nerdy and celebrate Pi Day. This Pi Day, I made a t-shirt with a pi symbol on it, and I ate pizza at a local pizza place called the "Pi Pizzeria". As for Pi Approximation Day, my tradition is to eat square pieces of pie and square scoops of ice cream.

If you are looking for a good place to be a pi-nerd, go to http://www.pidye.com where you can literally wear your pi devotion on your sleeve!